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You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away. Who remembers these words, these lyrics to a song?

I sing this song to my daughter, Skye, at bedtime only slightly changing the words! “The other night dear while I was sleeping I dreamed you kicked me in the face. When I awoke dear I was not mistaken for you were sleeping upside down in my bed.” She loves it when I sing this to her and, yes, she did kick me in the face, many times. I have fond memories of my mom singing this song to me and my sisters singing this song to me as well. These lyrics have been sung in different movies throughout the years. And I’m sure they’ve even caused a few tears.

I am sure I’m not the only one that realizes the sun always shines. Even on a cloudy day the sun is shining. Even at night the sun is still shining! During your bad days and during your good days, the sun is still shining. No one on earth can ever take the sunshine away. Just like the song. So don’t ever think anyone can ever take your sunshine away. You are in control of your bright light. In Kenpo we learn so many things. Beautiful motion and most importantly the ability to make your light shine.

My wife Erika had me read a clip out of a book she is reading. It was about a dandelion. Yes, that little tiny flower that grows anywhere and everywhere. The flower that no one takes care of, no one but God waters, on purpose anyway! The dandelion, beautiful as the sun on a hot summer day. But so often pulled and discarded. Only to come back the next week. So often sprayed with poison. Only to come back the next season.

We as people need to realize that we are stronger than the simple little dandelion, and we are more intelligent, more creative than the sun. It’s hard some days to shine like the sun. It’s also hard to be as resilient as the dandelion but we can be. During the Christmas season so many people get depressed. They get down on themselves and disappointed at what this world is giving them. So often I see the training in the dojo slowing down and the drive to excellence diminished. Yes, I get many reasons on why they are not training. Why they can’t make class. Yes, I also understand that this is the flu and cold season.

Stay strong, mentally strong. In cancer treatment the specialists say that a good mental approach is one of the best possible things in recovery. If that’s the case in cancer treatment I’m sure it will also help in a simple case of the flu or cold.

This holiday season do your best to not think about receiving, but instead think about giving. Remember giving of your talents, giving of your time, and even sometimes just giving a simple smile is like watering the lawn. That simple act of kindness may just sprout a beautiful little flower otherwise known as a dandelion. And if you’ve ever had a child bring you a handful of dandelions, you also will understand and see the beauty in this little flower.

Push forward my friends and have yourself a Merry Christmas,
Tony Potter

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