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When I was a young man in my teenage years, my dad would ask me what my goals were. What did I have planned for the future? I could honestly say I had no idea. I had no clue what I wanted to do next week, much less what I wanted to do next year or for my future. Most likely, I was like most teenagers just trying to get through the day. Teenagers see so much, they hear so much.

Unfortunately, children see the worst of their parents and the worst of their relatives, at least that’s what they remember more often than the good things that happen in their lives. Sometimes this will shape their goals and dreams of the future and sometimes it will leave them empty and feeling that they have no hope.

You might be asking where is he going with this blog. At first, I wanted to write about goals and dreams and it brought back some old memories. Memories I have put away for many years.

Teenagers do have dreams, they do have goals. So often they’re detoured, put off track by people they trust. I encourage us adults to make better choices. We need to be more conscientious of our words and actions. If not for our own well-being, then for the well-being of the children around us. We need our children to dream big and set goals to obtain them.

At Kenpo 5.0, we help students set goals for themselves. The belt system is designed to help a student through the system, giving them encouragement one belt at a time. There’s nothing like receiving that first belt after months of hard work. It’s amazing how obtaining that yellow belt makes a grown man feel like a little kid again. Then to see him or her show up for class that following week pushing and striving for that next level. Whereas months before their activity in the evening would’ve been sitting at home watching TV. Thinking that obtaining rank in a martial arts system is something that they could only dream about and could never achieve.

I recently attended a belt test at our school in Albuquerque. They had an adult student testing for his yellow and a younger adult student testing for his 2nd brown belt. The 6 ft. 9 in, 310 lb. white belt in his mid-40s you would think was an eight-year-old little boy receiving his new yellow belt. And the young 20-year-old receiving his second brown with tears of joy because of what he’s accomplished in our system. This young man was already a black belt in a different system. He worked his way back up after quitting a couple times and now is holding the rank of second brown in Kenpo 5.0.

Yes, dreams are very important. We so often find ourselves lost in our dreams and not setting goals to obtain them. Goals are very important. Once again so often people can’t get past that point. They have dreams and they have goals. What they don’t have is a plan. A plan of action on how to obtain the goals and their dreams.

It’s a good idea to write down your dreams for the future. Things you really want and things you need. Also, it’s a good idea to get realistic. Some dreams are not obtainable. Some people dream of living on an island, having a mansion with lots of expensive cars. You need to ask yourself is that something that you want to work for to get? Some people dream of having a family. Some people dream of being the president. Some people dream of being a black belt in Kenpo 5.0.

When my son Markus was 7 years old, he wrote down his dream for a project at school. It put tears in my eyes then and still does today, “I have a dream. My dream is to be a famous karate person. And be a Black Belt just like my papa.” If you know Markus, you know that he put his plan to work from the first day he put on his gi and he has never looked back. No doubt this young man has put in the mental and physical work needed to not only just be a black belt like his papa but one of the best in the 5.0 organization.

So, dream big, set goals and make them happen.

Keep pushing forward,
Tony Potter

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