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Pain is just weakness leaving the body. Our Kenpo school had this on our tournament t-shirts a few years ago. Looking back, I am not so sure it works that way. Sometimes it seems like it sticks around awhile. I wish it would leave. Ok what kind of pain am I dealing with? What kind of pain are you dealing with? Emotional, spiritual, or physical? I have a little experience with all three.

Let us talk about the emotional pain. This pain/illness is not necessarily weakness. Emotional pain will definitely make you weak. The good news is it can be removed and leave our bodies.

Emotional pain in some cases lingers around for your entire life. All the therapists in the world would be out of business if that were not true. The cause of emotional pain can be simple and sometimes very complex. Often the emotional pain is caused internally and sometimes from an outside source. People are sometimes born with these problems with no one to blame and sometimes through the poor judgement of their parents at, before, or after the child’s birth. Drug and alcohol use during pregnancy is at an all-time high, causing more children to be born with dramatic and heartbreaking problems. Mental illness is real and unfortunately there is so often no fix or cure. These children are often left with a lifetime of emotional and physical pain. Irresponsible decisions being made by people who so often are dealing with their own pain and addictions.

There is also the pain caused by the observation and or involvement of dramatic events in one’s young life. Sometimes we are told time will heal the brokenness of a life. I can personally tell you that time does not heal anything alone. I believe we are all given the virtues and grace to heal ourselves through healing and helping others. We can forgive ourselves through the grace of forgiving others. And we can ease our pain and sadness by putting a smile on another’s face. Like I said earlier your own pain may never go away but the kindness you share sure does help. Fill your life with joy and kindness and push out the sadness and destruction.

For example! Take a half glass of water and put black dye in it, just a drop and all the water turns black. Let that glass of water sit one day, a week, or a year and the water will continue to be black. Continue to add new clean water and the darkness begins to fade away. Allow the new fresh water to overflow. Continue adding new, fresh water and eventually the darkness in your cup will turn to pure, fresh clean water. It’s not just time that will make this happen, it’s the adding of new, clean pure water.

Just like the cup of water, we need to add positive, loving and caring people to our lives and push out the darkness and negative, unsupportive people. If you continue to spend your time around negative, selfish people who are spreading darkness, your life will continue to be grey and gloomy. Your mental injury will not begin to heal unless properly treated. Remember, you are not weak and you can push this weakness/emotional pain out.

I realize that mental illness is not so easy to change but I do want to give you encouragement and help you realize that your future can be bright.

Keep pushing forward my friends,
Tony Potter

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