Our Instructors

Meet the Potter Family & Staff

The owners Tony and Erika met at Mr. Hamilton’s All Star Karate Studio back in 2000.  They trained together for a while.  He showed interest in her but she was not ready to date just yet.   Her focus was on bettering herself, to raise her son.  Eventually she agreed to go on that 1st date.   That was the end and the beginning of their journey.  They were married in 2002.

They took every opportunity to train with Mr. Speakman where and whenever a seminar or private training took place.  In the mean time they were teaching Kenpo to their son’s homeschool group as a part of the physical education requirements, and helping out their friend and colleague Mr. Joe Conway with the opening of his Jeff Speakman Kenpo School in Albuquerque.  Later that year, they were offered to take over Mr. Hamilton’s Kenpo School back in Santa Fe!  An offer they could not pass up!  They were blessed with the training Mr. Hamilton offered and the opportunity to continue running the school.  With a starting base of about eight paying students they have created an amazing Kenpo family safe to say about 75% larger and still growing.

The Potter family not only loves the art that they practice and teach but they love their students as well! Their main goal is to help students to believe in themselves, not only with their abilities in the art but with their lives.

We just love it when dreams start working into our realities.

“Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date.  Take a deep breath and try again.”  -Unknown.