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With this fast-paced, high-intensity world, more and more parents have kids diagnosed with ADD and similar conditions. What many parents DON’T know is that martial arts often helps these kids focus like never before.

Now, I’m not saying it’s a magic bullet that works for every kid – but for many it simply works wonders.

(Please note: It’s not a replacement for your doctor – but it can really help a lot!)

Here’s how it works…

In martial arts, kids have to focus on only ONE thing at a time. And until they’ve mastered that ONE thing, they don’t move on to the next. There’s no skipping or “fast forwarding” in martial arts.

Because kids really want to succeed in martial arts, they learn the discipline and focus required to move to the next stage. And then…

That focus and discipline pours into every area of their lives:

– School (getting work done, paying attention in class)

– Home (doing chores the FIRST time they’re asked)

And anything else they do.

Like I said, it’s not a magical cure. But it may be the thing that finally helps you and your child. Notice I said it may be that thing that finally helped you and your child. Try doing this together. Martial arts is something that a whole family can do. I know this because my whole family does exactly that.

You and your child are both incredible.
Keep pushing forward!

-Tony Potter

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