Lead or Be Led. Your Choice.

Being a leader is different and more important than being followed. So often people are too caught up in how many friends they have on Facebook, how many people follow them on social media and [...]


What Are YOU Thankful For? A Vlog by Tony Potter

We made it through the holiday season… Dont get me wrong I love Christmas, I love the day of Christmas, I love Christmas eve, I love all of the lights (see more in his vlog below)…


Have You Ever Been Tired? Do You Ever Feel Like Giving Up?

Have you ever been tired? Do you ever feel like giving up? Have you ever felt like you cannot take another step forward? In your mind do you see no way out of this mess that you are in? You are [...]


You Are My Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away. Who remembers these words, these [...]


Be a Little Crazy, Be Willing to Take that Step Forward and Say Yes I Can!

I am amazing. I am incredible and yes, I am a little crazy. Weekly I have my Kenpo 5.0 kids say these word at the end of class. I want them to hear these words, I want them to feel these words, [...]


So You Think You Are Too Old for Kenpo 5.0? Think Again!

I am too old to do martial arts! How many times have I heard this? Or I am too busy or I will start as soon as I get in better shape. Or I will come back to class when I have sharpened up on my [...]


Be Nice, Be Genuinely Nice

Be nice, be genuinely nice. It “will” have an impact on people. Maybe not immediately and you may never know. You may never see, hear, or feel that your moment of niceness, your moment of [...]


Make The Morning Yours!

Hello friends, family and future friends… I am not a professional writer lol, sometimes the way I lay things out, my grammar and sometimes even my spelling are going to make some of you [...]


How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child Who’s Been Diagnosed With ADD

With this fast-paced, high-intensity world, more and more parents have kids diagnosed with ADD and similar conditions. What many parents DON’T know is that martial arts often helps these [...]


Special! Kids Classes Ages 6-12 Years Old – Six Week Trial Only $68

For kids 6-12 years old, receive a free uniform! Your child’s trial classes are held on Monday and Wednesday at 4pm.

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