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Be nice, be genuinely nice. It “will” have an impact on people. Maybe not immediately and you may never know. You may never see, hear, or feel that your moment of niceness, your moment of compassion had an impact on somebody’s life.

It may be years later and that moment of compassion, concern, or kindness that you shared with someone else will come back to you and oh what a beautiful day that will be. I have seen the effects of making bad decisions. The effects of not being necessarily nice to other people. And I have seen the effects of kindness. I have witnessed changes in people’s lives just because they were given some love.

For the last couple of years I have been teaching Kenpo classes at a facility called Kiva. I teach a group of kids with certain challenges. Their ages are from 17-21. What an amazing group of kids. They have been given this label special needs kids. Wow, I think I am the one with the special need. It’s I who needs them. They have touched my heart in such a profound way! Each one of them is unique and special. They are genuinely kind to everyone. No matter the age, color, or race, it doesn’t seem to matter to them. Each Thursday as I walk through their door, I am greeted with such a warm welcome. They care about how my week was. With all of their challenges, they are concerned with my life? Yes, it blows me away. They have helped me to understand the importance of just being nice.

Get rid of that anger in your heart. The resentment that you have for whatever it is that you have gone through in your past, let it go. It is only keeping you from healing. Be kind! A student of mine today passed on a quote that she read in school. “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”. I think this world needs a little more of this. There are some that see kindness as a sign of weakness! I see it as the strongest force in our universe. It is the most important commandment, love your God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. In Kenpo 5.0 we follow this example. Wisdom, Strength, and Kindness. Notice which one is at the end. The one that matters most and trumps them all. Kindness.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. May your weekend be safe and full of kindness and gratitude.

Push forward my friends,
Tony Potter





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