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I am amazing. I am incredible and yes, I am a little crazy. Weekly I have my Kenpo 5.0 kids say these word at the end of class. I want them to hear these words, I want them to feel these words, and I want them to believe these words.

When I was a little boy my parents always told me that I could achieve anything I wanted from this world. “With the right amount of work and a dream anything is possible,” my dad would tell me. And, yes, he really believed this. What is so sad now is most people don’t. There are too many people with no dreams, no goals, and no faith in themselves or anyone else. So little faith in our Lord, and themselves lost in this world with no direction.

I was there and I understand how easy it is to get caught up into the daily routine. Giving yourself no time to dream. No time for planning. And no time for believing.

I have found that in Kenpo you will dream, you will plan, and you will start to believe in yourself. Each class you get closer to your goals and continue to make new ones. Each class you are mentally and physically challenged. And as you continue to push forward you begin to get stronger and more confident. Each class you are forced to overcome pain and mental frustration and start to believe you are a little crazy. At the beginning, most white belts can barely see themselves at yellow belt. Yellow belts start to see that orange and purple are achievable and purple belts start to see that brown is right around the corner. Green belts really start getting excited with the thought of getting a black gi at brown level and realize they “can” achieve a black belt with hard work and determination.

Goal setting, it’s an amazing thing. It all starts with you being crazy enough to take that first step and say yes! Yes, I am willing to give it a shot.

The same mind set is needed to walk through life in this crazy world. As a little child you are so easily influenced by the people around you, or the people you see on social media. Actors entertainers, sports figures, relatives, and teachers. Little kids have dreams; they have big dreams. When they’re small they think they can do anything! And most little kids see no limitations, no age restraints, no ethnic restraints, and no gender restraints. It’s only once they start getting a little older they start to realize that there are certain limitations. And, unfortunately, society puts limitations where they are not needed. Unfortunately, as these kids start to become teenagers they have so much doubt and very little trust in society. They start to lose those dreams. And for many kids every time they share a goal of theirs, it is so often shot down or misdirected to fit that person’s agenda.

We need to encourage these kids and help them achieve greatness. Help them realize they are amazing and allow them to be “a little crazy”.

Push forward my friends,
Tony Potter

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