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American Kenpo Karate has been known for its overwhelmingly practical and effective self defense techniques. We arrive at that destination by way of three things. They are efficiency of motion, effectiveness of technique and our scientific approach to the application of this information.

All of these components make this system of personal defense easy to teach and easy to learn. Now with the evolution of the Kenpo system by Jeff Speakman to include applying this system to the ground the importance of sharing this material has never been more relevant.


The Potter family not only loves the art that they practice and teach but they love their students as well! Their mission is to help students to believe in themselves, not only with their abilities in the art but within their lives.


Our school was started by instructor Mr. Tony Potter who has been studying Kenpo Karate since 1992. He began his training with Mr. Larry Hamilton, achieving his 1st Degree Black Belt in 2002. He then began privately training with Mr. Speakman and he opened the Jeff Speakman Kenpo 5.0 Santa Fe school with his wife and fellow black belt, Erika Potter, in December of 2002.

Our martial arts family not only offers self-defense classes, but it becomes the students second home, where their instructors and fellow students are there to help them achieve the most in karate and also help them achieve many goals in life.

As a martial arts school we specialize in the art of Kenpo 5.0 as revolutionized by Master Jeff Speakman. We strengthen our school and students physically through the use of bag work and power workouts multiple times per week. We are not just an art of kicking and punching but one of close-in contact self-defense which we strive to instill into every single student. We Believe we can empower the youth with skills and knowledge of the art bringing out the confident ability to protect themselves.

We have a variety of specialized programs available for any and all genders, ages, and backgrounds such as group classes, private classes, after-school program (pick up and tutoring or our year round program) and also spring, winter, and summer camps. Please see our Programs section for more detailed information.

Bring in a friend or family member and share the fun with them! Spend some time on the mat together learning self defense skills while improving your health by training. Martial arts exercise not only does the body good but helps your memory as well! Make new friends in this family oriented atmosphere!

At Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 we strive to bring out the best in everyone!


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April 2017

Happy Birthday! 
Sean Colon – 2nd Ethan Hank – 11th
Rosie Agdaian – 3rd Albert Hunt – 18th
Ruben Ghazarian – 5th Sophia Martin – 20th
Devin Derian – 6th Kai Voll – 23rd
Donn Filice – 7th David Villagra – 24th
Niall LaDay – 9th Andres Morales Jr. – 27th
Sensei Anto!! -12th
Coming Soon! 
5/06/2017 – Pasadena, CA Tournament
5/07/2017 – Las Vegas Event Discount Deadline
June 2017 – Annual Car Wash & Bake Sale
8/10/2017-8/12/2017 – Las Vegas Martial Art Event & World Championships
4/03/2017 – New Session Begins
4/15/2017 – Deadline to Save $15 for Pasadena Tournament!
4/24/2017 – NO KARATE CLASSES! (after school open until 6pm)
4/28/2014 – Last Day to Register for Pasadena Tournament
NO Registration at Door on the Day of Event!

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