Tony PotterOwner and Head Instructor

    5th Degree Black Belt

    Mr. Tony Potter has been studying Kenpo Karate since 1992. He began his training with Mr. Larry Hamilton in Santa Fe, NM. Mr. Potter achieved his 1st Degree Black Belt in 2002. Later that year, Mr. Potter met Mr. Jeff Speakman, by taking a wrong turn in Albuquerque! Soon after that encounter he began private lessons with Mr. Speakman. The training took place in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Nevada. Tony currently holds a 5th Degree Black Belt under Mr. Speakman and is the JSK 5.0 representative for New Mexico. His motto is “helping others to help themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

    Mr. Potter is a highly motivated individual that is also very patient, fun and very knowledgeable in the JSK 5.0 system. He works hard to stay on top of the changes because as the world evolves so does the art of Kenpo. “Kenpo is the Art of Perpetual Change.”-Ed Parker

    Not only does Mr. Potter teach well but he is also a great businessman. While managing to make time for the Kenpo School he also runs a primary business that requires hard labor and odd hours. He is a great husband, dad and friend. He is active in the church community, a member of the Knights of Columbus and when needed will offer talks for the Crusaders for Christ groups. He volunteers his time teaching PE classes for the local elementary schools. He has created a unique program for a special needs high school/young adults program called KIVA. He is a certified TRX instructor too. We are not exactly sure how he manages to keep all these tasks in order but he does!